Who are apprenticeships for?

About the Apprenticeship

Think about a career that offers learning a skill combined with constant interaction with people… clients and team mates, where every day brings challenges, fun and learning new skills. A hairdressing apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to express yourself creatively, not only in the craft of hair cutting, colouring and styling but also in how you share your new found skills with your family, friends and social followers.
The Apprenticeship provides a fantastic opportunity to climbing the career ladder. Based within the salon environment gaining ‘hands on’ experience of Salon life, you’ll be conversing and engaging with clients and colleagues not alone gaining experience within the industry but essential life skills as well. You’ll have the full support of your employer who will develop and nurture you providing you with the skills you’ll need to be successful within our creative and rewarding industry.

How long will the Apprenticeship take?

The best part of being an apprentice is it really is up to you how long it takes to qualify. The normal time frame is 3 years at 35 hours a week. You can reduce the time frame by pushing yourself to achieve more each time you learn something. An apprentice is a key member of any salon and the role is very valued, ask anyone who has been through the process, they will tell you, it is challenging, hard work but incredibly rewarding!

An apprenticeship will offer you a full time paid role within the salon (35 hours per week) for up to 3 years. You will be provided with a clear structure on your development and an outline of the stages of the apprenticeship and your achievements along the way. You will be very much part of the salon environment and an essential and valued member of the team!

Paying you to learn!

Fantastic, not only do you learn a skill that can take you to incredible career heights, you also get paid for it too.

Receive a regular and guaranteed income from day one! Your chosen employer will discuss a pay structure with you and the opportunity for performance related bonuses.


There are too many rewards to mention, how about fabulous hair ALL OF THE TIME, skills that can help you develop your creativity in all artistic aspects of your life, a constant stream of people wanting YOU to do their hair, plus career opportunities that can take you to every continent on the planet. Competitions, fabulous shows, new products constantly being introduced into the salon and a never ending, always changing fashionable life that you will be a big part of.

You’ll have fabulous looking hair everyday! And may be able to fill up your haircare supply at a discounted price!

Discover a wealth of opportunities

As you progress in your role as a salon assistant you will move onto roles where you use your new found skills to bring in clients to the salon, a big step that allows you to express your creativity on paying clients… from there, the possibilities are endless.

Senior Colourist

Creative Director

Director/Hair Stylist

Senior Stylist

Development Coordinator

What some of our Apprentices have to say

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