Who are apprenticeships for?

About the Apprenticeship

The Apprenticeship provides a fantastic opportunity to climbing the career ladder. Your child will be based within the salon environment gaining ‘hands on’ experience of Salon life, they’ll be conversing and engaging with clients and colleagues not alone gaining experience within the industry but essential life skills as well – perfect we hear you say! You’ll both have the full support of your child’s employer who will develop and nurture your child, providing them with the skills they’ll need to be successful within our fantastically creative and rewarding industry.

Why should my child start a career in the Hairdressing Industry?

Hairdressing is a solid and stable career choice and that won’t change. We know that society creates pressure on the way we look as individuals, this is evident through the use of social media which is only within the first generation so will continue to develop and evolve. The impact of social media and the perception we’ve created surrounding our appearances creates a need from the consumer to have professionals to provide these services i.e Hairdressers.
The Hairdressing industry won’t change, we’re unable to have a haircut or colour via the internet or social media we need the human race to provide this vital service.
Choosing Hairdressing provides you with not only a life skill but a very transparent and transitional skill in many different sectors within the workplace and society. It’s also been suggested that it’s the most fulfilling and rewarding career choice against many other industries.

What career opportunities are available to my child within the Hairdressing Industry?

In such a diverse industry the opportunities available are incredibly broad but often overlooked and underestimated/undervalued. Hairdressing doesn’t have to stop at the salon door – this is just the beginning! We have some incredibly influential and entrepreneurial people within the industry who are extremely successful and all of whom began sweeping floors in a hair salon. There are opportunities globally within corporate companies; globally within fashion, TV, film industry all of which require hair stylists; and salon owners, to name a few.

Senior Colourist

Creative Director

Director/Hair Stylist

Senior Stylist

Development Coordinator

What some of our Apprentices have to say

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